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  • 7/1/2021 - The Mail Box Postal Service of Honolulu Hawaii Newsletter July 2021
    Mailing tips and resources, mailbox news, feature services, new offers and more...
  • 7/5/2021 - Safety Tips to Avoid Mail Theft - Honolulu Hawaii
    Here are some helpful ways you can avoid having your mail stolen.
  • 7/5/2021 - Plan Ahead When Moving To Hawaii
    If you're moving to Hawaii, as with any other state, make sure you plan ahead and research on what can and cannot be shipped to the islands.
  • 7/12/2021 - The Difference Between A PO Box and a PMB (Private Mailbox)
    There are many benefits of owning a Private Mailbox (PMB) and PO Box. Both provide the renter with a safe and secure way to receive and access their mail. However, many people are often confused by the two. Click on link to learn the difference.
  • 7/12/2021 - Shipping Household Items to Hawaii
    If you're moving to Hawaii, the two main ways to ship your household goods here is either by Container/Barge shipment or via Postal Service.
  • 7/19/2021 - How To File A Change of Address For A Military Address
    For members of our Military with domestic APO/FPO/DPO addresses, they can fill out the same Change of Address (COA) form (PS Form 3575) that is filed for a domestic mail forwarding request. This form can be found at any local post office.
  • 7/19/2021 - How to Prepare Your Boat for Shipping
    If you need to move your boat to (or from) Hawaii to the Mainland, our highly experienced team can get it done! We'll make sure your boat arrives safely and on-time. To help you with the process, here are some things you can do to prepare your boat for a hassle-free shipping.
  • 7/26/2021 - Tips on Shipping Baked Goods- Mailbox PO Services Honolulu, Hawaii
    Believe it or not, shipping baked goods is a common thing. Whether you're running a small business or sending a gift, here are some helpful tips to make sure your cookies, cakes and other baked good arrive in one piece.
  • 7/26/2021 - Moving To Hawaii? Do You Bring Your Car or Buy One Here?
    Depending on the age of your vehicle and your car's brand and model, do some research on whether the parts would be easily available and serviceable in Hawaii. Popular brands in Hawaii include Toyota, Honda and Chevy so these cars would have an easier time finding parts or mechanics to assist you.

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