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Tips on Shipping Baked Goods

Believe it or not, shipping baked goods is a common thing. Whether you're running a small business or sending a gift, here are some helpful tips to make sure your cookies, cakes and other baked good arrive in one piece.

1.Some baked goods ship better than others - Unfrosted cakes, pound cakes, breads (but not yeast) muffins, brownies, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies are usually safe to ship. Choose baked goods that are firm, moist and hard but avoid the brittle ones as they obviously will not hold up when shipped.

2. Use two containers - One to place your baked goods in (try disposable aluminum containers) and one as the shipping container. If you're shipping cakes, pack them snugly in tins.

3. To prevent cookies from breaking during shipment, put a layer of crumpled wax paper on the bottom of the tin or box container, then the cookies, then another layer of crumpled wax paper on top. Wrap cookies individually or place them back-to-back and wrap loosely in either plastic wrap or zip-lock bags.

4. Packing materials - Use packing peanuts/pellets and bubble wrap to line the bottom of the box. When using newspaper, be mindful of the possibility that the ink might bleed so make sure your baked goods are properly wrapped. Add the heaviest food containers on the bottom first. Leave space in between layers with packing material to avoid crushing the items.

5. Include a second label inside the box - Better safe than sorry. It's best to include a second label or business card inside your package should the exterior label be damaged or lost. This may help the shipping company deliver your package or contact you for any questions.

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