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Survey Conducted Shows What Postal Services Are Valued Most

The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General recently conducted a national survey on the relative value of the different services provided by the USPS. This survey was done in partnership with Gallup and with Professor Michael Bradley of George Washington University's Department of Economics.

The study focused on four attributes of the United States Postal Service's "Universal Service Obligation" which are: mode of delivery, access to postal services, frequency of delivery, and price.

Here are some results of the survey:

1. The vast majority of respondents believe it is important that the United States Postal Service be obligated to deliver to every address in the country.

2. Businesses and consumers place a high value on human interaction with a Postal Service employee at a post office rather than at self-service kiosks and postal counters inside retail stores.

3. Customers place a high value to maintaining delivery to the door or curb rather than delivery to cluster boxes.

4. Respondents are indifferent to receiving Saturday delivery of letters, but still place some value on the Saturday delivery of parcels.

5. Both consumers and businesses value lower prices, even if it means lower levels of service to keep prices from rising sharply.

To read the complete report, click here

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