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Packing and Shipping Computer Equipment

Shipping computers and other computer-related equipment can seem like a daunting task but with these simple tips, your package will be more secure and ready to ship!

Pick The Right Size Box - To minimize movement, select a box that fits your hardware. Measure your computer and add about 6 inches to each side as allowance for your cushion.

Cushion Each Component - Wrap each of the hardware your are shipping in 3 inches of bubble wrap. To protect the top or sharp edges even further, fold and layer loose bubble wrap until it is about 3 inches thick and tape it to the rest of the cushioned package.

Center the Hardware - Make sure your computer equipment is placed at the center of the box. Then add cushion to the sides and other empty sections.

Seal It With an H - Secure the top and bottom of your box using the H Method.

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