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How to Handle Late or Delayed Mail - Honolulu Hawaii

It happens sometimes. Delivery of your mail or package gets delayed or lost. But don't panic! There are several options provided by USPS to help determined where your package or mail is or whether or not it actually is lost. If your mail has not been delivered, here are some steps you can take:

1. Verify the mail class used to ship/mail your item - Delivery time varies depending on the mail class used to send your package. Your mail piece could just still be in transit.

2. Check the item's tracking status. You can track your mail piece on and will need the Label ID number from the mailing label or receipt of the mail piece. The ID number vary depending on the class of mail used.

3. If you're a resident of Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories, delivery periods may be longer than usual, you can visit and get an estimate delivery time through

4. Consider conditions or events may have prevented the delivery of your mail

Hazardous weather, road obstructions, a full or blocked mailbox, among others, may have caused your mail to not be delivered on the day you were expecting. Wait the next day to see if your item arrives.

5. If you determine your mailpiece to be lost, report your missing item. USPS provides various steps depending on how the item was mailed. Our link below details your options.

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